Leader Resources

Here are some resources available to you to enhance and improve your leadership. Use these resources to guide you in your leadership.
Contact the Life Group Office

Tim Dance, Life Group Director
Phone: (503) 240-7729 Ext. 1770
Email: timothy.dance@mtolivet.com

Terri Hamilton, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (503) 240-7729 Ext. 1792

Email: terri.hamilton@mtolivet.com
 Online Attendance Instructions

A. Log in here to submit your attendance
B. Select your name from the “leader / group name” box

C.Enter your password - If you cannot remember your password, please contact the Life Group Office at (503)242-7729x1792 or email lifegroups@mtolivet.com

  1. Enter your Life Group meeting date (please note the correct format: (mm/dd/yyyy)
  2. Enter the Topic of Discussion (usually the sermon title)
  3. Check the box next to the names of all members who are in attendance
  4. Click the SUBMIT button
  • To add a person to your Life Group, complete the “visitor” information boxes and check the box “Add to my Life Group”
  • To remove a member from your Life Group, please check the box “Remove from Life Group”
  • Please enter comments or questions in the “Comments, Evaluations and Testimonies” area
  • If you make a mistake or need to make a change, just re-submit the report

 Discipleship Plan Checklist

Leaders use this form as a tool to assist in developing deeper relationships with your members or other leaders that you lead. Download the form here.
 Apprentice Development Checklist

Leaders use this form if you have a member that is getting ready to start their own Life Group, as a guide to prepare them for leadership. Download the form here.

 Life Group Covenant

 Leaders use this covenant agreement in your group to keep everyone committed and strengthened. Download the form here.

Attendance Report

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