What is a Life Group?

Definition of  a Life group – A Life Group is a small group of no more than 12 people who meet weekly in a home in order to build relationships through fellowship, to care for and encourage one another, to grow spiritually, using God’s word, to share the gospel with lost people, to help others grow into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Why do we have Life Groups?

At Mt. Olivet, we believe that life-change happens best in small groups so Life Groups exist to inspire growth to maturity in Jesus Christ.  Along with our emphasis on total life development, groups also provide a great way to get connected and make new friends.

What happens in a “typical” Life Group meeting?

Every Life group has its own personality but some common elements happen in most group meetings.  Groups typically spend some time building relationships in fellowship and getting to know each other.  Groups spend time singing and then do a Bible lesson together.  Some groups focus only on the lessons taken from our Pastors sermon while some rotate through Biblical and topical studies.  Studies are chosen by the group and must be approved by the Life Group leadership.  Prayer is also a key element to typical group meetings.  Many people find that praying is their favorite part of group life.  A typical group meeting lasts 1 to 1.5 hours.

How is this ministry different than other Bible Studies that I have been a part of?

A Life Group is more than just studying the Bible.  When you commit to a Life Group, you commit not only to the study but also to care for and meet the needs of other group members.  The real difference between a Life Group and a Bible study happens outside of group time.  Our hope is that your Life Group will become your closest friends and people you will turn to in time of need.

What’s the duration of a group?

Our model is for people to build long term relationships with others and share community with new people as well.  We understand that people may not be in groups forever, however, it is common for them to be together for several years.  We also encourage those in groups to start another group with people that God has brought into their lives.